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"Protection of the public shall be the highest priority for the Medical Board of California"

California Business & Professions Code sec. 2001.1
My son was recently arrested for growing medical marijuana. He foolishly, in his youth, was growing 120 plants. He now faces federal mandatory minimum sentencing.
My letter to you today is to tell you he thought he was immune from prosecution because he went to ____Evaluations in ___ C A, where he was SOLD a Cultivation License for $249.00. To this day, this clinic continues to boast the sale of Cultivation Licenses in the LA Weekly newspaper. My research now shows no such license exists. I have also heard this chain of clinics was recently in trouble with the medical board for not having doctors present to do evaluations. I have also heard rumors this chain of clinics is controlled by the Russian mob. As such, I am terrified to speak out. As a father of a foolish young man now certain to go to prison, please help with any connections you may have to the California medical board to shut down these criminals. I write this letter anonymously for fear of retribution by the criminals who operate this chain of clinics. Thank you very much for your time and help.
PDF of letter available here