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Recent advancements in California cannabinoid medicine include an opportunistic proliferation of `cost effectiveí (i.e.`we match any priceí, etc.) `convenienceí oriented medicinal cannabis recommendation clinic chains, `referral servicesí, Million $$$ churns, etc. -  claiming `qualityí `expertí evaluations featuring a multitude of revolutionary medical innovations including (but by no means limited to):

  • 3 minute mill evaluations `as-seen-on-TVí.

  • `Convenientí on-site, adjacent, and `affiliatedí (i.e. physician owned, self-dealing, kick backs, etc.) marijuana dispensaries complete with doormen barkers hawking `no-documentation-or-testsí features.

  • Here today, gone-whenever-it-gets-`hotí patient abandonments.

  • No-questions-asked histories (the `convenienceí the consumer pays forÖ).

  • No vital signs.

  • No physical exam.

  • Non-physician evaluators (repeatedly unbeknownst to patients).

  • Silent partners under criminal indictments.

  • Illegal non-physician ownerships.          

  • Non- / farce- compliance with CA Medical Board published Medicinal Cannabis practice guidelines.

`Affordabilityí is achieved by such creative managerial techniques as:

  • Loss-leader re-coupment of initial evaluation discounts by wholesale conversion of  `capturedí patients into the far more lucrative on-going in-house marijuana customers `stolení from other long-established, pioneering, quality, dispensaries and charitable cooperatives.

  • Non availability for recommendation verification requests from law enforcement, other dispensaries, etc.

  • `Bargainí pricing offset with high frequency utilization of subsequent diagnosis justifying 4-figure witness testimony fees (assuming such `servicesí are even availableÖ).

  • Unlicensed practice of medicine.

  • Unique efficiencies of scale achieved with rapid throughput, high volume multi-million $$$ script mills.

  • No medical record keeping.

  • Patient-determined adequacy of whatever (if any) crucial diagnosis-supporting documentation.

  • Low overhead  `convenientí kick-back subsidized back-of-a-pot-club `clinicí rent.

  • `Cost-effectiveí `free marketí (i.e. less than hamburger stand and no health insurance) wages.

  • Cost-saving non-presence at any and all relevant continuing medical education and scientific gatherings.

These medical `leadersí have succeeded in establishing a standard of quality so renowned (as memorialized repeatedly on award-winning Bay Area television) that multiple and an ever-growing number of legitimate quality medicinal cannabis dispensaries, following law enforcement examples, refuse to accept these patients as validly documented customers, thereby avoiding potential `recreational salesí criminal charges and facility closure for an unrelated partiesí personal financial profiteering. Corrections of these quality deficiencies have included fraudulent concealment of clinicsí true identities in subsequent marketing.

With the initial implementation confusion surrounding Prop. 215 now long past, these continuing serial malpractices by these `leadersí currently are seriously impeding the maturation of this therapeutic modality and thrive at the expense of all patients, both in California and beyond..

While awaiting presumed eventual performance of established consumer protection systems from these organizations and their ever persisting profiteering premeditated quackery; patients, dispensaries, and all other interested parties would be well advised to review their evaluatorís public medical board record at the medical boardís web site http://www.medbd.ca.gov/Lookup.htm  prior to relying on any medicinal cannabis recommendation for legal protection. Additionally, patients are encouraged protect the sustainability of their medicinal cannabis rights and to discuss these inappropriate activities with management of any of the quality dispensaries they may be utilizing. Minimally, demand responsible legitimacy of all dispensaries. Reprints (pdf) of this notice and further information for dispensary posting, patient distribution, etc. are available at www.potdoc.com Revised 2 September 2005.

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