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Explanation of Why California Doctors Cannot Help With Obtaining Medical Marijuana

California Medical Doctors can recommend Medical Marijuana use to their Patients but they cannot aide and abate in the purchase, cultivation, or possession of marijuana because under U.S. Federal Law, Marijuana is a controlled substance.

We are very limited to pages we can link to from this website because we are a Medical Doctor's Practice and must stay within the Law.  In 1996 when The U.S. Federal Government was making a move to suspend CA Doctor's license if Medical Marijuana was recommended by the doctors to their patients, a group of San Francisco Medical Doctors filed a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Government, Conant Vs. McCaffrey, which later became know as  Conant Vs. Walters.  A Federal District Court Judge ruled to uphold the doctor's First Amendment Right of Free Speech in the U.S. Constitution which gives California doctors the right to recommend Medical Marijuana under CA State Law without the threat of the U.S. Federal Government to suspend their license. 

M.M.P.E. Medical Clinic is the Practice of Dr. R. Stephen Ellis, M.D.  Medical Doctors in California cannot supply or assist patients in obtaining Medical Marijuana for their use under the current Federal Law classification of Marijuana as a Schedule One Drug.  Prescription Drugs are regulated by the U.S. Federal Government and doctors in all states must have a Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) license to prescribe prescription drugs, therefore M.M.P.E. chooses not to link our website to any organization's websites that distribute Medical Marijuana to qualified patients at this time.  Medical Doctors risk losing their Federal DEA license to prescribe drugs and could possibly be prosecuted by the U.S. Federal Government if the physician aided and abetted the purchase, cultivation, or possession of marijuana.  The written recommendation from a doctor for Medical Marijuana is not considered aiding and abetting if the doctor has no other active role with the patient obtaining Marijuana. (See Conant Vs. Walters ).

Now that you know why we can't tell you where to get Medical Marijuana or supply it to you, please do not ask us "Where do I get my Medical Marijuana?" when you call or come into the office. You won't find any links on this website to any site or organization that supplies Medical Marijuana for medically qualified patients with a doctor's recommendation.  We will not tell you any information about where to obtain Medical Marijuana as long as the current Federal Laws in regards to Marijuana are still on the books as Federal Law.  The "States Right to Medical Marijuana Act" was introduced again in the House of Representatives by Dr. Ron Paul, a Houston, TX District Republican House Member. It has more support than it ever has in the past, so encourage your elected officials in Washington, D.C. to support the Federal Law to be amended to allow the States to decide on this medical issue.

Since the San Francisco Department of Public Health does not supply Medical Marijuana to patients, we can link to the City and County of San Francisco - Department of Public Health - Medical Cannabis Volunteer Patient Identification Card Program.

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Conant Vs. McCaffrey (Walters) Class Action Law Suit

San Francisco Dept. of Public Health's Medical Cannabis ID Card Program  


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