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QUACK ALERT! [html] [pdf] [word.doc]

The REAL Dirt on 'Pot Cards' [html] [pdf] [word .doc]

State Card Scandal: [2mb (large!) PDF - Click Here ] or [ 300k jpeg image - Click Here ]

Clinic Fees

Patient Goon Squad Alert

Still Legal

It's Still The Law

What to Look For in a Pot Doc

Certificate of Appreciation for Dr. Ellis PDF

Gonzales Vs Raich Supreme Court Ruling

Nothing Changed

M.M.P.E. Medical Clinic Practice Profile

Proposition 215 [HTML] [PDF]

Text of California Senate Bill 420

Why CA Doctors Can't Supply or Assist You With Obtaining Medical Marijuana

Federal Judge Kozinski's Published Opinion in Conant Vs. Walters

Supreme Court Ruling Did Not Change CA State Law

State of California Medical Board's Review of Potdocs

Letter from The State of California Medical Board To Dr. R. Stephen Ellis M.D

Medical Fraud Alert

Medical Marijuana Patient Health Warning

Potdoc Patient Health Warning PDF

Business of Medicine Action Report Article

California Medical Board Guidelines for Medical Marijuana Action Report

California Medical Board Guidelines for Physicians and Medical Marijuana

The Good Doctor is In

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