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Patient GOON SQUAD Alert : (or 9 YEARS and 4 Supreme Courts rulings latter…)

Multiple CA counties are in the midst of implementing the CA SB 420 mandated county health department State Medical Marijuana Card program – and are discovering the multiple absurd absolute non-functionalities of this hastily conceived problem riddled program. State cannabis cards currently can be issued for ONLY EXACTLY 1 calendar year from the patient’s actual program application date. There isn’t even provision for a lesser duration. However, Medical Board rules prohibit physician issuance of Medical Marijuana Recommendations for any more than 1 calendar year from examination date – and ~encourages less. Hence patient card applications made on ANY date AFTER the evaluating physician’s recommendation date by definition either fail to qualify OR are result in deliberately erroneous issuance that fraudulently misinforms Law Enforcement, Medicinal Cannabis Dispensaries, and Patients into falsely believing they are within the law for the entire card period when cultivating, possessing, or obtaining marijuana – with quite potentially disastrous consequences for innocent patient victims, their families, et al. Under CA Prop 215 Law, valid legal protection stems ONLY from the underlying physician recommendation, NOT from a bureaucratically issued piece of incompetent plastic.

Additionally, in contrast to multiple long standing and well functioning local county card programs, patients’ names and private medical information, etc. are now being needlessly retained on subpoenable Government databases, unnecessarily deliberately placing patients in harm’s way for attempting exercise of their basic Supreme Court affirmed CA constitutional rights. Patients are routinely not being uniformly notified of this implication of even merely making application. The well established Unique ID# Code Only local systems stand out as a proven 100% accurate Prop 215 operational success for all parties legitimate needs.

And most alarmingly, a nonsensical and legally groundless obscure interpretive guideline has been surreptitiously propagated by our `Vote for Me Because I’m Good for Medical Marijuana’ Atty General Bill Lockyer deliberately wrongly instructing local governments to cancel any of the successful, established local card programs as they implement the mandated state program. In reality there simply is not, nor never has been, ANY law forbidding supplemental / parallel local card programs, and the SB 420 State Card Program law does not forbid (nor even mention) local programs.

These additional administratively imposed preposterous restrictions on prop 215 render ANY `mandatory’ use of the State card for any patient’s prop 215 related activity (i.e. dispensary access, detention avoidance, property protection, etc.) an unconstitutional limiting of the Ballot Initiative voter’s intent and hence, by definition, fundamentally constitutionally illegal in our State.

This inept and grossly legally incompetent attempted sophomoric destructive meddling by our supposedly `pro medical marijuana’ Atty General Bill Lockyer is wreaking yet further havoc on already confused and challenged systems – all in a sole destructive blatant attempt to acquire a list of names, sensitive private medical data, etc. for unnecessary  and unspecified future purposes The pathetically deceitful desperation of this attempted back room illegal Bad-Faith hijacking of elementary patient rights merely underscores the perpetrators premeditated malfeasant motivations and further mandates The Peoples objections to these wanton senseless violations of basic human, civil, and constitutional rights.

As elections loom, let us require an Atty General that views The Office as an inviolate sacred Public Trust in their genuine commitment to Good Faith defense of individual citizen’s rights, rather than as a license for further cheap and petty ‘cute’ games of constitutional violations covered with empty hypocritical grandstanding toward personal self-advancement aspirations. And accept nothing less than an absolute commitment to irrevocably and definitively cleanse said office of its endemic psychopathologies (‘above all law, that’s what we’re paid to be…’) that so freely tarnish the core values of any legitimate democratic government and the many honorable, dedicated quality public servants that comprise it – AG’s Offices INCLUDED. All  Medical Marijuana patients and the greater Public, regardless of persuasions, would be well advised to demand this fundamental integrity of Good Faith dealing, especially in these troubled times, of ALL seekers of ALL offices of ALL levels, Local, State, AND SF; and to hold realities of  prior viscous Rights assaults accountable at the ballot box. Actions speak louder than words. These entrenched and brazen on-going cynically phony serial manipulations of the ~80%+!! ‘pro medpot’ electorate now stand undeniably as proven self-evident. As does the lack of wisdom in electing to any Office proven perpetrators of State Rape that so freely serial mass violate innocent citizen victims.

Clearly, The Law in California is Prop 215. The non-stop incessant obstruction/sabotage attempts emanating from the CA Atty Generals office that have so plagued prop 215 since original passage in 1996 need to cease. These Lockyer-sanctioned squanderings of taxpayer resources on pet obsessive activities by internal cowboys for their own perverted personal entertainments represents a CRIMINAL constitutional assault upon the Peoples of this state. By any acceptably ethics standards, minimally, ‘TERMINATION’ of all guilty parties is required. Equally clearly, a through independent CA State Auditor’s Investigation is fully mandated.  Revised 3 November, 2005.

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